Christmas Eve Service

This last Friday evening many gathered at Elgin Covenant
Church for a beautiful Christmas Eve service lit by candles. We
were reminded that the Christ child did cry, contrary to popular
hymn. And this is a wonderful thing to know as it points to a
savior who was both fully Devine and fully Human. As you enjoy
family and friends this holiday season, be reminded of who we
celebrate this time for. He came because God the father cared so
much for us. Peace and Joy.

Celebration of Ilse Lannin

Dear Friends,
This Thursday morning please join us at the church for a Celebration of the Resurrection and to honor the passing of Ilse Lannin. At 10:00 there will be a time of visitation. The service will start at 11:00. Lunch will be served immediately following the service. Please bring what you like to bring to pot-lucks.
Pastor Jonathan

2o3 Christmas Party

This Friday we planned on 8 or so youth… But, as you can
see, we ended up having quite a large party! We celebrated the
Christmas break with a large game of hide-n-seek as well as a few
others. Merry Christmas all!