Mother’s Day Breakfast, May 13

Mark your calendars now for a Mother’s Day Breakfast we are hosting starting at 8:30 AM. You are warmly welcome to make this a special meal for yourself and your whole family. If you plan to come please give us a call; we will have plenty of food available!

There is no cost per plate. Donation baskets will be available to help send teens to a youth rally in Tennessee this July. Our youth leader Braden Britton and the group he is taking along will be coordinating and serving the breakfast. We will worship at 10:30.

Your Invitation to Focus Group

This program year has been a blessing in so many ways. We hope that this spring you will join us as we continue to worship, teach, share the good news, and celebrate life in Jesus Christ.

On Wednesday evenings we are conducting a “Focus Group,” April 25th, May 2, May 9, May 16, from 6:45 PM to 7:15 PM. The purpose is to test some teaching material presented by Pastor Jonathan as we look at forming a Seekers of Truth group in the Fall. My hope is to connect the wisdom God teaches to real life, YOUR life.

This Focus Group will begin in the evening after the dinner, which we host every Wednesday evening at 6 PM for just $2/plate. If you are a “Seeker of Truth” you are welcome to join the Focus Group.  If you want to come early and eat, please do! We only request that you call the church with your RSVP, at 847-888-2302, so that we can get an estimate on how much to prepare.

I hope to see you Wednesday.

The Beauty of the Earth: A Spring Reflection

This evening my first-grader will be part of an Earth-Day themed music program presented by her public elementary school. I will be proud of her as she sings her part in the chorus. 

There are many different points of view about the care for our world. It is something that I hope Christians also make priority, by choosing to walk or take a bicycle on reasonable distances when we can and other small decisions that are better for our bodies and our planet. At the same time we also draw a firm distinction between what we believe about our world and some of the doctrines that spring from other faiths and secular approaches.

Evangelical Christians believe and teach that God created all things and made human beings to be special stewards in relationship both under God as servants and over the Earth and all other living creatures as masters. We do not agree that humanity is only equal in dignity with other creatures in the world, and we do not agree that being called to stewardship is being called to exploit and to waste.  The Book of Revelation, chapter 11 verse 18 includes the statement that God in judgment will destroy “those who destroy the earth” (NIV). How we care for God’s Creation is important to God.

Our world was created beautiful by God, and forces in nature testify to the power of God. We do best in our stewardship when we cherish what God has made and conduct our mastery with an attitude of thanksgiving.