Second Annual MOPS Rummage Sale August 3 and 4

Bargain hunters mark your calendars. The second annual rummage sale to benefit our Mothers of Preschoolers ministry takes place on Friday and Saturday, August 3rd and 4th, from 9AM to 3 PM. We are located at 1565 Larkin in Elgin. Donations for the fundraiser are welcome, within limits: No electronics, and nothing that takes more than one person to carry. If you have questions please call the church at 847-888-2302.

Our Associate Pastor Candidate

Greg Johnson is our candidate for the new position of Associate Pastor in Youth and Family Ministry. Greg is married, the father of three, and is within a few field ministry hours of receiving his Master of Divinity from Northern Seminary in Lombard. He has over ten years of youth and bible camp ministry experience. He is seeking ordination in the Evangelical Covenant Church. He will be preaching this Sunday, July 22nd, and the congregation will vote to ratify his call on July 29th.

Per the description on this website, we envision our new associate pastor to be in ministry to kids and their parents, to foster environments where kids of all ages can open up to hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and also to empower discipleship in the home. The pastor will be in direct ministry to junior high and senior high kids, and will have oversight of ministry to primary children, and to parents with kids in the home.

Greg has a powerful and moving testimony of redemption and healing that can reach to the hearts of kids and their parents. You are invited to please come and hear Greg this Sunday.

A Great Week to Be a Kid

July 16-20 was a great week to be a kid at our church. For pre-readers and primary grades, our Vacation Bible School brought learning and fun every morning. The group kept growing from one day to the next. It was hosted at the home of the Wilsons and led in conjunction with Child Evangelism Fellowship.  This Sunday, July 22, there will be a presentation from VBS students as our children’s message during morning worship. After church we will conclude the week of VBS with a special ice cream party.

VBS Combined Group Gathered at the Table

Not to be outdone, a group of teenagers from our youth group headed down with our Youth Director Braden Britton to the CHIC Rally at the campus of the University of Tennessee.  CHIC occurs every three years. This special event gathers top-line Christian speakers and musicians to encourage new commitments and growth in discipleship among teenagers . Here are testimonies from two of them:

“I was trying to figure out what God wants from me and I think I realized that He just wants me.”

“These last few days have been the happiest of my life … because I’m letting God in.”

We are thrilled that God continues to move in our emerging generations, and are thankful that God continues to use to bring the gospel to all ages.