The Walk

Come join Elgin Covenant Church on “The Walk.” This is our theme for 2013-2014, and it refers to following Jesus Christ as disciples. Each person is on a spiritual journey all one’s own, but in that journey as we walk with Christ, we also walk alongside each other and encourage one another. As we walk with Christ and one another we become a church of disciples that makes disciples. But don’t worry that you are somehow disqualified from walking with Christ, that only super-spiritual people need apply. The Walk is not cut out for super-spiritual people; discipleship, walking with Christ, is for sinners and doubters and people who feel unworthy in themselves to talk to others about God and beliefs.

On September 29th there will be opportunity to surrender our hearts in repentance to Jesus Christ, according to the words in Psalm 51, “Create in me a clean heart, O God.” We believe that our God who is Creator and Redeemer desires to erase our sins and create new faith within each one of us. This does not make us super-spiritual people who stand on our own, rather it makes us people who have a new Spirit that acknowledges our need for God, sometimes in “sighs too deep for words.”

Believers in Christ are called to share with others this gospel: that just as we need God so all sinners and doubters and people who feel unworthy need God. You are promised in the New Testament, in Ephesians 2:1-10, that God loves you, God forgives you, and God has a purpose for your life that becomes clearer the more you surrender yourself to God’s love and forgiveness . If those who claim to walk with Christ point to themselves as super-spiritual people, they are probably not walking as closely to Christ as they claim!

On October 6 we will have a special communion service. The table will be opened at the beginning of the worship hour, and there will be times for sharing and for silence, for open prayers and guided prayers. The theme of this service is that, just as individuals we will never become “super-spiritual” apart from acknowledging our need for God’s love, forgiveness, and purpose, so the same is true for our church. No particular blend of musical instruments, no schedule of programs, no amount of “doing,” will ever be able to “create” the works of God in our hearts. Rather, just as God will not despise an individual’s surrendered heart but will bless it, so God will not despise the surrendered heart of a church, but will bless it. Then we who are forgiven sinners will be able to share our faith with others, that we have a mighty, loving, kind and grace-filled God whom we serve!

For the next several months we are focusing our preaching on what it meant for various Biblical people to walk with God. We are finding out that even some famous Bible heroes, Moses and Joshua and David, were not super-spiritual people; what set them apart was that they realized they were far from being either super or spiritual and that they needed God.

Another feature of The Walk is a small groups training in sharing our faith with others. If you are interested in being equipped in this way, you may contact the church at 847-888-2302 for more information, or come on a Sunday morning. We worship at 10:30. See you in church! See you on The Walk!