Fast Food Car Rally & HS Lock-in

This coming Friday, February 18th the Elgin Youth will be meeting at the church to have their first ever Fast Food Car Rally. What is a FFCR? First off, it isn’t just fast food… In fact it is more of a tour of what Elgin has to offer in the form of food. Students will be split into teams based on vehicles of adult drivers to find various items around Elgin. Every item is worth a different amount of points and the team who accumulates the most amount of points will win. The catch though is that each team will only have $5 to work with. The can barter, beg, wheel-n-deal, or purchase items from the various locations around town. Not everything will cost money either. For example, for 500 points, a team can get an authentic signed item from Paul’s Restaurant by a waitress.

This should be fun!

And following the FFCR, the HS students will be staying overnight for a rockus time in the youth room. We will be playing games, watching a movie, hanging out, praying for our schools, and probably a little sleeping.

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