2o3 Expands

For the last month we have seen a consistent group of students at our Wednesday evening youth group event 2o3 starting at 7pm. “2o3″ comes from Matthew 18:20, where Jesus promises to be present wherever 2 Or 3 gather. At each 2o3 night we begin the evening with a group game, that often was a challenge between our middle school and high school youth.  Pictured below are the last two challenges we did between the groups.  Sadly, the middle schoolers have taken a turn for the worse in the challenges and are about 10 games behind the high schoolers. So, as to not remind them of their streak of losses, I have tried to quietly stop the challenges the last two weeks despite the middle schooler’s insistence each week…  Go figure.

Anyways, the following 3 photos show two of the challenges that took place on March 23rd and April 6th as well as a photo I quickly snapped while at the Chicago Invite, the largest ultimate frisbee tournament in the nation that my wife and I host each year.

We will continue to meet for 2o3 until the last week of school, where our final 2o3 for the school year will be a party of sorts.  Expect to hear updates on what our summer plans will be for the youth in the next few weeks.


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