Braden Britton Becomes Youth Outreach Director

We are excited to have extended the call to Braden Britton to be our youth director. He is taking over the program on Wednesday September 28th. The youth ministry does not figure to miss a beat as we continue our hot-drinks and donuts breakfast for high school students each Wednesday morning, and the Wednesday evening group meeting. Braden will keep office hours at the church on Wednesdays.

Braden is scheduled to complete his Master of Divinity studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School this December. A Michigan native, Braden  is newly married and lives in Elgin.  He is an accomplished world-traveler, having served in several short-term missions, some of which gave him the opportunity to use the Spanish as an undergraduate at Calvin College in Michigan. He considers skiing to be one of his better sports, and loves the outdoors.

You can google his wedding album and may still be able to find a picture on the web in which Braden has peanuts up his nose.

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