Events to Remember in November

November is a full month at Elgin Covenant. Refer back to this post and its sub-headings to remind you of the things that are coming up. In brief: this November we will collect our special offerings for Covenant World Relief, we will celebrate Thanksgiving with a special Wednesday evening service, and, we will launch our Advent celebrations! See below for more details and all the other highlights and special events happening through the month.

Standard Time Change “Fall Back”

Saturday, November 5th, is the night all you Illinois residents get to set your clocks BACKWARDS one hour when you go to bed. If you forget, you will be really early for church!

All Saints Communion

As we continue our preaching series through November 20th on the life of “Moses: An Ordinary Person” we will be taking communion on November 6th. This is All Saints Sunday. Our music will feature our choir and our organ; the theme of the sermon is that all the saints, like Moses, were ordinary people. The point is not how super-human they are but how human they are, just like you and me.

Tuesday, November 8th

Our Covenant Women are meeting for a light supper at 6 PM, followed by a presentation by Four Square Missions Publishers. See what God is doing around the world!

Friday, November 11th

This is a school holiday for Veteran’s Day. The church office will be closed. Be sure that you thank a veteran today!

November 13th

On this Sunday we will include a brief video presentation on the Covenant World Relief projects that our offerings will be supporting this year. The offering will not be COLLECTED today, the information about Covenant World Relief will be shared so that people can begin to prepare their offering.

November 15th

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meets today from 10 – 11:30 AM. All mothers of young children are invited. Child-care for your preschoolers and infants is provided, and you can take this time to share with other moms, to enjoy a snack, and even to learn a new skill. Most important, this time is for you to make new friends.

November 23rd

Our regular Wednesday evening programs are suspended for our special Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service and Pie Social.¬† The service begins at 7 PM, and pie follows at 8 PM, a great way to whet the appetite for the next day’s celebrations. During the service people will have an opportunity to make their Covenant World Relief Offerings.

November 20th

This is “Reign of Christ” Sunday, which celebrates our hope that Jesus holds the future in HIS hands and will one day restore all the faithful and all Creation to glory. Our blended worship on this morning will include a set by our praise team “Redeemed.”

November 27th

Can you believe it’s that time already to start preparing our hearts for Christmas? November 27th is the first Sunday in Advent. This will include the lighting of the first candle on the Advent Wreath. This will also be the last opportunity to give to Covenant World Relief.

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