Hearts of Love

There are three events coming up that reflect our heart of love for you, and the community we all share.  One is for Moms, one is for people who like to go for strolls in the weather and care about those less fortunate than themselves, and one is for people who enjoy listening to music performed from the “romantic” side of Valentine’s Day.

First, if you are a mother of young children and you would like to make new friends and be supported in this stage of life, please come on out to our MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) get-together on Tuesday, February 7th. The event lasts from 10-11:30 AM. We provide child-care here on-site in rooms just a few feet of where you will be seated with other mothers of young children, along with older mentoring women who have “been there” and are present to listen and encourage. MOPS has a dedicated page on this website.

Second, as posted below and announced on Moody Radio, we are the rallying point for the Wayside Center Walk-a-thon on Saturday, February 11th, starting at 8:30 AM. After a walk of just under 1.5 miles beginning at your church, you will be received at Wayside Center with refreshments. Shuttles will return you to our parking lot. We have pledge sheets available at our church or you can contact Wayside Center directly at 847-695-4405 or www.waysidecross.org.

Our third special event to show our love for our community, is that we are hosting a free concert of love songs presented by noted soloist Solange Sior. This is ON VALENTINE’S DAY, February 14th, beginning at 7:30 PM. This concert is free, and YOU are invited.

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