Campaign Climate and Culture

Visitors of this site and especially readers of “Hot Topics” will get the idea quickly that the Evangelical Covenant affirms what today is called “traditional morality.” Defining marriage as a sacred, God-ordained institution between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:24) and esteeming human life as under the sovereign hand of God from conception on (Jeremiah 1:5) lines us up with the historic Christian faith and with the moral positions of many other faith groups beyond Christianity.

Faith is more than traditional morality, and more than traditional morality is at stake when a voting public gathers to elect its representative leaders. Therefore evangelicals and Christians of all kinds can vote their conscience on the whole array of issues, and still testify to the firm truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who he is and where he comes from and the hope he brings to those who have received him as their Lord and Savior. Voters have the obligation to be informed, and candidates have the obligation to be ethical in what they promise and in what they criticize in each other.

It is not my interest nor is it the culture of the Evangelical Covenant at large to be religiously polemical or to show an angry persona when it comes to either religious distinction or traditional moral issues. It is my hope that seekers of God will find here a safe environment to pursue their quest, and to know that in that quest they are themselves pursued by God’s Spirit.

At the same time the gospel of Jesus Christ sets clear boundaries to faith and truth, and these are the “eternal” things, the weighty matters. On October 19 I wrote an online letter to the Billy Graham Association for taking a waffling and hypocritical position toward the Cult of Mormonism. The response among evangelicals and Christians of all denominations needs to be strong and unequivocal. To read more, please see “hot topics” and find “Mormonism” under “M.”

It will be pointed and polemical, but this post has nothing to do with how Christians and seekers should vote in November or the degree to which Mitt Romney, a Mormon, is qualified to be President of a nation that separates government from the establishment of any one religion. Our first concern as a church is  that we must witness in our life and faith to the truth of Jesus Christ that others might be saved.

The truth will be spoken in love, and, it will be the truth.

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