A Way In

We have a ramp and a new door to provide entry into the church for anyone bound to wheel-chairs or who have problems with curbs and steps. The door was used by the public for the first time at our Thanksgiving Eve service on Wednesday, November 21. While the entrance is now usable the project is incomplete; the finished entrance will feature an automatic push-button door-opener, and a canopy.
With this new entrance, installed in November 2012, wheelchair users have entry into the church.

The ramped entrance provides access to the sanctuary, church offices, library, conference room, and wheel-chair accessible restroom. Accessibility features within the church include the accessible restroom and also a chair-lift to the second floor which has the fellowship hall, kitchen, and the nursery/toddler care classroom.

Our hope is that all who come will find that nothing hinders their welcome in the house of God. This includes those many community service organizations and recovery groups that use our facility on a regular basis. Perhaps this ramped entrance will allow for new or continued participation that the curbs and steps previously excluded. This is a happy addition to our facility and what we can provide to our guests and visitors, to our members, and to our community.

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