Christmas 2015 At Elgin Covenant

The last update on this page was in September, and our fall heated up and flew by with our schedule of 125th Anniversary events. Now Christmas is upon us. Some of our annual celebrations are already complete, but there is much more to come. We hope you will join us to mark the holy season of Advent and Christmas.

Dec. 5, Santa Lucia Coffee, 9 AM. Over one hundred people turn out for this open house every first Saturday of December.
Dec. 6, Advent Communion (10:30); kids and family Gingerbread House and pizza party, 4 – 6 PM.
Dec. 13, Night of Christmas Music featuring Jeorge Holmes, Diva Montel, the Elgin Salvation Army Brass Band and Murna Hansemann on piano, 5 PM with a cookie reception following.
Dec. 16, 5:30 PM, dress rehearsal for the Christmas Children’s and Choir Program
Dec. 20, 10:30 AM, Christmas Children’s and Choir Program
Dec. 24, 7 PM, Candlelight Christmas Service
Dec. 25, 6 AM, Julotta Christmas worship
Dec. 27, 10:30 Christmastide worship
Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve Party: 6 PM, Potluck Dinner; 7 PM, Worship; 8 PM, dessert buffet and games; (videos will be show for kids as alternative at 7 PM).
Jan. 3, New Year communion, 10:30 AM.

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