Easter Season Special Events

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Elgin believes and celebrates that Jesus is alive. Easter Sunday is the day that churches around the world celebrate the unique moment in history when Jesus Christ rose from the dead, left his tomb behind him empty, and began to appear to his followers. What put him in the grave was that he had been crucified. This injustice at the hands of the world’s powers was something he willingly suffered in order that he might: 1) bear the weight of each our sins and sin’s curse of death upon himself; 2) show the world’s powers the extent of their own systemic depravity; 3) die as a sinless, innocent person, whom God the Father, with perfect justice, cannot allow to remain dead, for if death is the punishment for sin than a sinless person murdered in the world must be raised up again in triumph over the grave. This is good news. You can share in the victory of Jesus over death and sin by surrendering your sinful self to him, and inviting his Spirit to inhabit your body as the seal of your promise for eternal life.

Many churches celebrate the resurrection and the events leading up to it. At Elgin Covenant we have this schedule for 2016:
March 20, “Palm Sunday.” This celebrates when Jesus entered Jerusalem in order to confront the worldly powers head-on. We worship as usual at 10:30. Then at 4 PM families with children are invited to our Easter Eggstravaganza, which features an egg hunt, and the decorating of eggs, and pizza for dinner.

On Thursday, March 24, we will have a “Maundy Thursday” communion service commemorating the events of the Lord’s Supper and the night that Jesus was arrested.

On Friday, March 25, we are inviting all those interested to the joint Elgin Evangelicals Good Friday worship and communion service at Second Baptist Church.

On Sunday, March 27, we worship at 10:30. The service will include our praise team, additional choir selections and brass instruments.

We hope you will join us in this special season of worship. We pray even more that your heart is touched and opened to God’s love for you in Jesus Christ this season.

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