500 Years of Reformation: Celebrate, Learn, Discuss

2017 marks 500 years of the beginning of the Reformation of Western Christianity. ┬áTo commemorate this event I am making two resources available on this site which the Elgin Covenant Church will be using. First, is a lectionary supplement designed to be a companion to the Revised Common Lectionary Series A for a year-long emphasis on the Reformation. That can be downloaded from the “Reformation 500 Years” tab or here:

2017 Celebrating the Reformation

Second, the adult Sunday School is working through a paper written by me, the church’s ┬ápastor, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Wilson, on “Repentance is the Whole Life of the Christian: Some Points on the Ongoing Need for Reform.” All are invited to download this paper and to respond to it. The full text can be found on the “Reformation” tab as well.

The paper describes various ways that the heirs of the Protestant Reformation are ourselves in need of ongoing reform, and treats Repentance as the premise of ongoing reform and the Christian life. The paper is a critique of many errant customs and beliefs across the spectrum of the Protestant Faith: Liberal, Fundamentalist, and “Middle Way.” It does not engage the Anabaptist tradition, and only discusses the Pentecostal/Charismatic traditions insofar as they are participants in the Protestant spectrum.

The purpose of the paper is to challenge, discuss, and where conviction has been aroused, to call to repentance.


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