Programs Continue in Summer 2017

At Elgin Covenant the Sunday worship and events schedule is remaining the same through the summer, with worship, learning and fellowship events for all ages, and the same year-round worship start-time of 10:30 AM.

Summer means that some programs are on hiatus, but others keep humming along. We will miss the choir and our Wednesday evening fellowship dinners until they resume in the fall. Obviously with school out our Wednesday morning donut-and-hot beverage that we provide for Larkin High School students on their way to school will wait until the school year resumes. But though some of our energies are diverting to things appropriate for the summer, some patterns will remain unchanged. Most of all, our Sunday morning scheduled is remaining in place and unchanged.

Our church will continue to meet at 10:30 on Sunday morning, the same as all year-round. In addition our G-3 Kids will continue to meet, adjourning to the classrooms during the sermon, our adult Sunday School will continue to meet at 9:15 (starting June 11), and our fellowship hour of snacks and refreshments will continue after worship.

Some of the summer’s unique opportunities are: Summer camps, which are pulling several of our kids ages 7 to 13 to either Covenant Point in Upper Michigan, or to Covenant Harbor in Lake Geneva just across the Wisconsin border. These are award-winning camping opportunities, you can explore their websites at Those kids in town will be participating in three mission field-trips. The first is at Feed My Starving Children in Schaumburg on June 10. Two more local opportunities are being scheduled with ministries in the Elgin Community.

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