Christmas at Elgin Covenant 2017

Our calendar for the Advent and Christmas Seasons wrap up an exciting 2017 which had Elgin Covenant commemorating and celebrating the launch of the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago. The birth of Jesus the Christ of God and of Israel, in very nature God wrapped in very human flesh, occurred over 2000 years ago but is marked every year by hundreds of millions of Christians around the world. At the Evangelical¬† Covenant Church here in Elgin, Illinois, we observe Christmas in ways that most traditional American families would find “typical,” but always with a joyful spirit to keep the events fresh and exciting for all ages. Part of what is “typical” is that each church, much like each family, contributes its own “wrinkles” to the traditional pattern. We hope you can join us for our Christmas celebrations as we celebrate how our Triune God gave himself to the world as the greatest gift of all, wrapped in flesh and delivered in Bethlehem in Israel’s Promised Land over two thousand years ago. All events listed here take place at 1565 Larkin Avenue unless specifically noted otherwise.

December 2, 2017, 9-11 Am: Santa Lucia Breakfast Coffee open house. A long-standing tradition which honors the congregation’s Scandinavian roots, this event features continental breakfast treats and the best coffee of the year. Admission is free, a donation basket is available at the end of the buffet.

December 3, 10:30 AM. First Sunday of Advent. Communion for the month of December will be served.

December 3, 4-6 PM: Taste of Christmas family gingerbread-house decorating. Pizza dinner. $10.

December 10, 10:30 AM: Second Advent Sunday. A benevolence offering will be taken. We support three community ministries: Elgin Salvation Army, Elgin Interfaith Food Pantry, and Wayside Elgin Ministry to the Homeless.

December 10, 5 PM: Night of Christmas Music. Refreshments will follow.

December 17, 10:30 AM. Third Advent Sunday, the Choir and Family Ministries Program.

December 24, 10:30 AM. Fourth Advent Sunday.

December 24, 7 PM. Christmas Eve candlelight service. A special offering for the sponsorship of our World Vision Congo Child will be taken.

December 25, 6 AM: Christmas Morning, Julotta service. Also hearkening to the church’s Scandinavian roots, this English-language service is open to all. A breakfast follows as the group gathers at Randall Pancake House.

December 31, 10:30 AM. Christmastide.

December 31, 6 PM. New Year’s Eve Potluck, then worship around 7, then dessert and games fellowship until ???

We look forward to seeing you!

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