Getting 2018 Started

2017 was a landmark year at Elgin Covenant Church as we celebrated 500 years of the Reformation. This was followed by a blessed Christmas season of worship and special events that kept our hearts warm during a cold snap.

January 7 is still in the midst of school vacation in Elgin public schools district U-46, as kids don’t return to class until Wednesday the 10th. It is also the Sunday which celebrates Epiphany and the baptism of Jesus. We at Elgin Covenant will have our monthly communion service at 10:30, with Children’s Sunday School dismissing during the service. Other programs will resume after the start of the school year: stay tuned for pending announcements on theĀ  $2/Plate Wednesday Dinner, choir rehearsals and anthems, and monthly midweek Kids Clubs.

Adult Sunday School will resume on January 14 at 9:15, on the topic of Prophecy and Fulfillment.

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