Our Paid and Volunteer Staff.

Paid Staff
Jonathan Wilson – Pastor
Greg Johnson — Associate Pastor for Youth and Family

Henoch Fuentes – Outreach and Evangelism
Angela Wang, Choir Accompanist

Volunter Craig Johnson, Music Director
Don Lottes, Organist

Pastor Jonathan Wilson Biography

Pastor Jonathan was born in 1969. He is the proud husband of Amy and father of Hope and Holly. Pastoral ministry is a second career, to which he was ordained in 2004. He has served churches as a pastor since 1999 in Arizona, Illinois, and Germany.

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Sundays, 9:00am (Sunday School) & 10:30am (Worship) All Year
Wednesdays, 6pm ($2 Dinner) & 7:00 pm (youth group) September through May

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1565 Larkin Avenue, Elgin
(847) 888-2302

3 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Jonathan,
    I was perusing the internet looking for some info on the ECCA. I came across a topic, “Evangelical Covenant Church and Gay Marriage.” I found it alarming because being in the Covenant and a Covenant pastor for over 25 years, I did not know there was a site. I also came across your section on hot topics and read your views. Good reading and I appreciate your heart.
    Just thought I would write and tell you that people do read your articles.
    Blessings upon you, your ministry,and your family.

    Tom Miller
    Hope Covenant Church
    Indianapolis, IN

  2. Good morning Pastor Wilson,

    I was a long time member of the ECC until a few years ago. While I love the church I’m attending, I miss the Covenant church. I have a few questions:
    do you celebrate any of the Swedish traditions?
    is your church traditional in nature or a blend?
    I would love to find a church that has not lost the Swedish traditions (I grew up with them) and love singing the “oldies” because so many of them I have committed to memory. I’m not fond of the need for a “rock concert” in church.
    I believe that worship should be more reverent. Yes, I’m “old fashioned”. Thank you for your time.

    • Dear Mrs. Fritsch,
      I am sorry that I did not see a message alert until now, several months after your inquiry.
      As far as Covenant Churches go, we are an intentional blend that retains more of its Swedish flavor than most congregations. While I draw upon the great revival song-writing of Skogsbergh and Frykman and others throughout the year, the Swedish cultural imprint is seen most at Christmas: We have a Santa Lucia festival breakfast every first Saturday in December, and also the Christmas morning Julotta that I revived (unless Christmas falls on Sunday morning). We are currently observing the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Throughout this past year I have taken some hymns out of the Red Hymnal that did not make it into the Blue.
      In our blend, every second and fourth Sunday of the month we have a praise team lead two songs at the beginning of the service. Otherwise our songs are mainly hymnody.
      I am a an ordained Covenant pastor and I hold a Ph.D. in Church History, having concentrated my studies in Pietism.
      Thank you for your query.
      Grace and Peace,
      Jonathan Wilson

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