Worship: Sunday 10:30 AM

About: Our Worship

Sundays, 10:30 AM, sanctuary.

Look here for a short description, with subheadings below regarding communion and baptism.

Worship at Elgin Covenant is Christ-centered, with Bible-based preaching. On most Sundays we include a time for open sharing of prayer requests and brief testimonies. In our total worship experience it is not our goal to amuse or to distract, but to seek to call the hearer to a deeper life in Jesus Christ. The total worship experience is rarely complete in less than an hour, but rarely exceeds 75 minutes.

Most human beings learn better with a visual orientation. We currently employ powerpoint slides in support of the sermon’s main points and other components in the service. We are updating our technology to make the total experience more effective.

At this time we are blessed to have a dedicated choir and organist, and several professional musicians who voluntarily and generously provide us with a variety of experience in brass, strings, woodwinds, flute and piano. As this is our current mix of gifts, our choices in music tend to be traditional hymns and “old time gospel” favorites.

We do strive to blend in more current music choices especially as they fit the theme. To this end we hold a copyright license with CCLI. Twice per month our acoustic team “Redeemed” leads a couple of songs,  some old and some new, in the vein of praise music.

Neither the denomination nor our congregation insist on the use of any one translation of the Bible. In our study circles people will read from many different versions. In worship we do have pew editions of the New International Version available, and large print editions of the same:  the NIV is read from the pulpit in the public reading of the scriptures. The Covenant Hymnal in its responsive readings draws on a variety of Bible translations.

About: Communion

We serve communion on the first Sunday of the month at the end of the morning worship service. Trays of individual wafers and cups are passed down the pews.

The Evangelical Covenant Church honors the diversity of Protestant Reformation views regarding the presence of Christ in the bread and cup of communion. Before the elements are distributed the congregation is asked to affirm its faith in a unison reading, often of the Apostle’s Creed and occasionally the Nicene Creed or “The Great Thanksgiving” responsive liturgy.

All who confess Jesus Christ as savior and Lord from all traditions and denominations of The Church (see About Our Faith) are welcome to participate in communion in the Evangelical Covenant Church; you do not have to be a member to participate. (Look in “Get Involved” for information about membership.)

About: Baptism

If you have been baptized in another denomination of The Church (see About Our Faith) you are not required to be re-baptized in the Evangelical Covenant. We honor and practice infant baptism as well as adult baptism, according to the conviction of the family and of the believer. We practice both sprinkling and immersion, and we have an immersion pool as well as a sprinkling font at the front of the sanctuary.

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