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There are many ways to plug in at Elgin Covenant Church.  Listed below are the various committees that guide the programs of our church, and the main contact person.  We are also always looking for more volunteers. You do not have to be a member of the Elgin Covenant Church to be involved as a volunteer. Those who seek to work with children or youth under 18 years old must request a volunteer’s application and submit to a background check.

See below for information on becoming a member, and its privileges and responsibilities.

Elgin Covenant Church Committees: These committees are always in need of fresh new faces and ideas, so please feel free to contact Jonathan Wilson (847-888-2302 – and he will put you in touch with the people who can help you serve.

Council (Keith Kmieciak, Chair)

Leadership (aka “The Nominating Committee”)
AV Tech Team (Steve Bob)
Christian Education (Pastor Greg)
Nursery (Craig Johnson)

Deacons (Pam Schultz)
Fellowship (Jane Branch)
Missions, Global Outreach (Pastor Wilson)

Missions, Local Projects (Craig Johnson)

Property (Sue Kmieciak)
Stewardship (Pastor Jonathan)
Treasurer (Steve Bob)
Worship & Music (Pastor Jonathan)
—Choir: Craig Johnson—     Redeemed: Pastor Greg   —Special Music, Pastor Jonathan

Decorating (Anne Weiss)
Offering Counters (Bob Weber)
Ushers (Jerre Schultz)

Becoming a Member

Membership in an Evangelical Covenant Church is by confession of faith and by the reception of the congregation. Those who have been through the rite of Confirmation and/or an Adult Inquirer’s Class, have been baptized, and have shared their testimony with the congregation, are eligible to be received as members.

  • The Inquirer’s Class is generally 6 one-hour sessions, scheduled with the pastor on request.
  • Confirmation, aimed at Junior High, is a two-year education program in the basics of the Bible Story and of the Church.

Why become a member?

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Elgin is a 501-c3 not-for-profit corporation in the State of Illinois, and as such it abides by a constitution, and must function with a board of directors. These leadership positions, which together form our Council, are elected by a vote of the members. Non-members are not permitted to vote nor are they eligible to be serve on Council, nor may they be appointed among corporate officers. A larger membership pool obviously assists the whole church to discern qualified Christians with servant hearts  to serve in its leadership. Members also approve the annual budget and major expenses, which empowers the direction of the church. Becoming a member means having a voice and a hand, according to what the Spirit of Christ puts on your heart, in the congregation’s future.

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