Weddings at Elgin Covenant

Thank you for your interest in using the Evangelical Covenant Church of Elgin as part of your wedding celebration. This page is intended to answer some Frequently Asked Questions and address other concerns.

1. The first thing to know is that our sanctuary is set up with TWO aisles. There is no “center aisle” of the church. As for many wedding parties a center aisle is a non-negotiable, it seems best to be up-front about that before you inquire further.

2. We are a small church and, with no center aisle, weddings are infrequent; therefore we do not have a wedding coordinator. Conversations regarding the uses of the facility and staff are, at this time, conducted with the Pastor of the church. The pastor can network for musicians from within the congregation, for example someone to play the organ, as requested, but cannot guarantee availability. To contact Pastor Jonathan Wilson with an inquiry about wedding services, please call the church number 847-888-2302.

3. In keeping with the policies of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination to which we belong, and in line with the convictions of Pastor Jonathan, the church may be made available to perform services of marriage between a man and a woman. Neither the facilities nor church staff (including musicians in the congregation networked by the pastor) may be involved in performing blessings or marriages of same-sex unions.

4. Wedding fees will depend on the extent of the use of the facility and the demands on staffing. For use of the facility, checks are made out to the church. For staff involved, checks are made out personally.


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