After School Tutoring Begins

With the start of the fourth quarter of the 2015-2016 school year Elgin Covenant has piloted an after school program of free tutoring for mainstream high school students — in plenty of time before final exams. This program meets on Wednesdays after school.

The subjects that we have begun with are in math and science, with tutors who are retired professionals. As with all volunteers and staff at Elgin Covenant who work with minors, our tutors have been cleared by background checks.

We are looking to expand this program, including the subjects offered for tutoring, with the Fall. In the meantime you can let us know if you are a high school student in need of help to succeed in a subject. Send us an email at, put Tutoring in the subject line, let us know the name of the student and the subject area needed. We will communicate back whether we will be able to provide the assistance requested during this spring quarter.